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Enrollment Resources

To get enrolled in H2Ohio, use the resources listed below to help us process your application:




H2Ohio Acre-Payment Estimator (Microsoft Excel required)

  • Use the “Summary” tab of this spreadsheet to estimate your payments each year for each practices in H2Ohio
  • Use the “4-Year Plan” to assign practices with each field for the four years corresponding with crop rotations. This is not concrete plan but just so we both have an idea of where practice are being planned


H2Ohio Program Agreement

  • Use this to put down total acres for each of the practices you plan to take part in over the next four years.
  • Fill in your contact information
  • Sign on the back



H2Ohio Practice Guideline Packet


  • Use this to understand the guidelines for all practices part of H2Ohio

Example H2Ohio Enrollment Packet

  • Use this as a guide on how to fill out the Program Agreement and 4-Year Plan


Checklist for OACI Certification

  • To receive funding for the H2Ohio program, producers need to be registered in the Ohio Agricultural Conservation Initiative (OACI) Certification Program. For right now, the producer will need to have a profile setup in the program and information will be added once practices are completed.
  • Website address:


Producer Checklist

  • This shows all the information that will be needed for signup


H2Ohio Compatibility Grid

  • Use this as a guide to show you practices that are compatible on the same acres in the same crop year



Submitting Paperwork

Items Needed at this time:

  • Program Agreement with completed acres for the four years (H2Ohio Program Agreement)
  • Per Field Practice Plan (H2Ohio Acre-Payment Estimator “4 Year Plan” Tab)
  • Who will be writing VNMP (SWCD, Ag Retailer, Producer)? Or do you have a Manure Management Plan or CNMP that already covers the acres you intend to enroll?
    • If SWCD is writing the plans, see the Producer Checklist for needed items


How To Turn In Your Paperwork:

  • Email:;
  • Dropbox: There is a locked drop box located outside the east entrance (by mailboxes/flagpole) of our office building at the Parc Lane Center that you can put contracts and spreadsheets in. We have folders inside the door filled with all the necessary information you can pick up at anytime. 







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